Episode 49 – What are the Best Places to See Manatees in Florida

Mother manatee and calf swimming out of the inlet.

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What’s up this week?

Have you ever heard of sea cows? These marine mammals are called manatees. We talk about all the best places to find these gentle giants and the best time to see them. When you plan to visit Florida, you should consider there is a manatee season, but you will likely see wild manatees in their natural habitat just about any time of the year.

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man in black and white plaid dress shirt and brown pants standing near body of water
Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

Product and Locations Mentions

This week we are talking all about the best spots to see manatees. In Florida, not only do we have Florida manatees, but we also have West Indian Manatee. As it turns out, Christina was correct last episode in that, not only can manatees be found in the cooler months, but they are mainly found in the spring through summer months. They are an endangered species but you can basically see them any time of year.

Known as sea cows, you can find these gentle giants in a multitude of popular places all over Florida. They come into the rivers and spring in the warmer months to find warmer water, but we took a kayak tour near Haulover Canal and Mosquito Lagoon on the east coast near and found manatee in the groves, but we also can find them in the Florida Springs like Homosassa Springs in Manatee Springs State Park or Indian River Lagoon. Blue Springs State Park near Orange City is another great place to see manatees during the colder months. They have a manatee observation area which makes for a convenient viewing area to see those wild manatee. They also have a boat tour. Don’t forget to sit down and have a conversation with them. They have nature trails, picnic areas, and camping. Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge is another protected area where you can to check out manatees.

There is a Manatee Festival in Orange City which happens in January in Valentine Park. They have food, arts and crafts, and manatee viewing. Make a day of it by going to Blue Springs State Park. And don’t forget about going way yonder down a Suwannee River? No, wait. That’s way down upon a Suwannee!

manatee, swimming, marine
Photo by PublicDomainImages on Pixabay

Apollo Beach is near TECO Manatee Viewing Center which is a designated manatee sanctuary for the warmer waters from the power station. They also have an education center.

Make a day of it in Weeki Wachee Springs and its perfectly clear water with their mermaid shows followed by kayaking and camping. Along with Silver Springs, you can make a weekend of this adventure.

Manatee Lagoon in Riviera Beach in Palm Beach county is another viewing area.

Listen in as we go in-depth in these areas and talk about manatee safety so you can fully enjoy your experience.

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DeLand is home to many springs where you can see Manatees.

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