Summer Festival Fun in Florida!

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This week we cover Florida Festivals through the summer!

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  1. Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival – May 14th 
  2. Tupelo Honey Festival  – May 15th
  3. Florida Folk Festival – May 28-30 
  4. Water Lily Celebration – June 19th
  5. Pensacola Beach Air Show  – July 7-10
  6. Hemingway Days – Jul 22-24
  7. Caladium Festival – July 23-25
  8. Lakeridge Winery – Wine and Cheese Fest – Sept 11-12
  9. Resonate Festival Suwanne Live Oak – Spirit of Suwanee Music Park – May 21-23
  10. Festival of the Sea – May 15th 
  11. Chiefland Watermelon Festivals – June 5
  12. Orlando Fringe Festival – May 18-31
  13. Seafood and Music Fest
  14.  Florida Salt Scrubs

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