Episode 57 – Exploring Little Havana in Miami

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What’s up this week?

We welcome back Amy from the Florida Travel Girl on our journey back down to South Florida; more specifically, Little Havana in Miami. We last had Amy guest host on Pet-Friendly Places in Florida. There is so much culture to be had all over Florida. But Miami is rich in Cuban culture and they have an entire area dedicated to it.

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Product and Locations Mentions

What is Little Havana? It’s a neighborhood in Miami over the bridge just a little ways away from South Beach. It’s pretty central in the Miami area. You can take a day trip whether you’re in South Beach or Ft. Lauderdale. It’s really accessible to check out. The area is rich in history. Little Havana is like a perfect day trip. Mainly it’s this historic neighborhood where a lot of Cubans immigrated to when fleeing Cuba in the 1960s. They formed the community of Little Havana. It still has a lot of its Cuban heritage including cuisine and activities like dominoes. It’s a really fun place to go explore for the day kind of gives you a little taste of Cuban love. A lot of people speak Spanish. You can explore on your own, but it is a good idea to take a tour. Amy recommends Miami Culinary Tours because they learned so much from the guide. She was really engaging and informative and took us to the best places to eat and drink.

Dominoes Culture

There are a lot of different historic sites. One of them is Domino Park. Basically, people have been gathering there like a park. It was started with a few tables on the corner of Kioto. Slowly it’s become a historical landmark and they even added an awning. People go there every day and play dominoes. You really have to be involved in the community. you’re not you’re not gonna just walk up there sit down and play a game of dominoes. You have to know the rules too. They have people watching all around like celebrities.

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Photo by Ivan_z on Pixabay

Food Tour

You start at the Tower Theater, get a little background as one of the oldest cultural locations, and then dive straight in. We went to Old Havanas and got half a Cuban sandwich on Cuban bread and a Mojito with sugar cane and fresh mint. This was followed up with El Pub where you can dine in or eat at the counter which consisted of picadillo empanadas. That was followed up with Cafecito next to the pub for a little Cuban coffee. The tour also has a fruit market, churros, and Azucar Ice cream to finish it off.

The tour brings in history, murals dedicated to the history of Cuba, memorials, food, drinks, and a guided tour loaded with information about the area.

Little Havana Shopping and more

You can spend four to five hours walking around, checking out some shops and of course, more Moijitos over at Ball and Chain where they have live music. Little Havan has a lot of places where you can hear music. A lot of people also recommend going to Versailles which is known as the most famous restaurant in the area, but the tour tries to show you more like hidden gems that not everyone’s been doing.

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Florida Product of the Week

Rodriguez Cigars – located in Key West, the Rodriguez Cigar Factory is the oldest cigar manufacturer in the Florida Keys and they have a sampler cigar collection that represents south Florida. 

Books to consider

Little Havana Paul S. George (Author)

The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba Chanel Cleeton (Author)

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