Episode 56 – Extreme fun at elev8 in Sanford

Elev8 in Sanford Florida Bowling alley

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In Florida, there is no shortage of outdoor adventures to be had. We have everything from boating and surfing to springs and diving. We have hiking, geocaching, and hang gliding. There is another type of adventure we have here in Florida. Have you heard of indoor adventure parks? We have discovered an indoor adventure center that has it all!

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Full size arcade

arcade games at Elev8

Bringing arcades to a new level, Elev8 has an arcade selection of over 150 games including everything from retro games that include classics like Pac-Man, Defender, Mario Bros., NFL Blitz, Space Invaders, Qix, and X-MEN. From racing games, shooters and simulators, virtual reality, and more. These include new age titles like Jurassic Park Arcade, Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, Halo: Fireteam Raven, Star Wars Battle Pod, Super Bikes 3, Tomb Raider and so much more. 

Bowling Ally

There is an actual bowling ally inside Elev8 with 12 full-sized interactive lanes, this is sure to be a blast. There is a corporate party room complete with service right there so you can make it a team-building activity as well. a

Go Karts

Go Karting is an extreme sport at Elev8. Complete with a specialized, 2-level track, you can drift your way around the turns while competing against your friends. Timing technology allows you to race to the millisecond. If there is a problem on the track, the karts slow down under the control of the track. The track is powered by European innovation and engineering and built with twists, turns, banks, ramps, curves.

Laser Tag

Featuring over 5,000 square feet of obstacles and landscape. We ran our hearts out in this state-of-the-art game. You can play with friends or other challengers from 1v1 to 15v15 match-ups. Gear up with the latest laser tag guns featuring to tag, fire, and blast away!

Mini Golf

 Coming soon is Lucky Putt, a fresh concept that blends traditional mini-golf with new era integrated technology. Including Custom FX, sound, and robotics, our Mini-Golf just became a lot more immersive. Forget the old-school mini-golf, we’re upping the stakes with dynamic gameplay like you’ve never experienced before.

Ropes Course

Elevated 10 feet in the air, you can traverse many obstacles including barrels, hang-walls, log platforms, a zip line, and more on this truly adventurous ropes course. Equipped with a fail-safe rail harness, it’s the safest fun you can have in the air!

Rock Climbing

Not mentioned on their website is perhaps my favorite part of this entire adventure park; the rock climbing walls. There are lots of options and varieties. You can play games to time yourself and try to hit the targets on your way up or race your neighbor. There are a variety of types of climbing too including different handholds. You are attached to a slow descend rappel and that is most of the fun.

Sit Down Dining

Enjoy a nice break from all the adventure in the sit-down dining room without missing out! Try some new and delectable food and drink. The chef has some incredible dishes to share and the food will wow you. There are 2 fill-service bars, one upstairs and one downstairs.

Omni Area

Get into a high-tech virtual reality world in the Omni Area. Battle zombies, robots, or each other while never leaving your ring.

Follow them on Instagram to see all they have to offer and get ready to plan your own indoor extreme adventure.

Florida Product of the Week

This week’s Featured product is Extremely Stoked.  Originating over a decade ago in 2002 in the seaside village of Delray Beach, FL, Extremely Stoked designs and creates super comfy niche bedding and home decor inspired by the surfer and sporting lifestyle. Made to order by skilled artisans in the USA, their products are Eco friendly and many are 100% certified organic. 

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