Episode 51 – Farm fresh fun the best of Florida agriculture

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What’s up this week?

We often talk about cities to visit in Florida. We are going to shift gears a little. Have you ever considered visiting farms? Florida may be the Sunshine State, but we are also an agricultural state. There is an unexplored world on farms in Florida. This week, we will talk all about the different farm experiences you can have in Florida.

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Product and Locations Mentions

Have you ever heard of a U Pick it? A u-pick operation is a farm where customers may go to pick, cut or choose their own product out of the field. Also called u-pick, cut-your-own, or choose-your-own, this type of enterprise is a frequent direct marketing channel choice for farms growing berries, tree fruit, pumpkins, and Christmas trees as just a few ideas.

There is also a concept called Agritourism which involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch.

Why visit Florida farms? A lot of Florida farms have education programs. They are also great event venues for weddings or parties. Some other ideas are farms and ranches, crop mazes, orchards, and vineyards/distilleries. You can also find farm-to-table.

Fresh from Florida designates products that are grown in Florida. They have an agritourism ap as well. Find a season you want to go to and filter out your options

Harvest Hosts is RV Camping at Wineries, Breweries, Farms & Attractions that invite RVers to stay overnight! Harvest Hosts of Florida currently has 77+ incredible Hosts located all throughout The Sunshine State.

Lake Catherine does blueberries mid-March to late May but they host events all year long. Southern Hill does blueberries as well as sunflowers and strawberries.

Ergle Christmas Tree Farms is a place to go cut down your own Christmas tree.

Hand Picking Whole Fresh Organic Blueberries On Blue Berry Farm in Summer
Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

There is Graham’s U-pick farm in Umatilla. You can pick fruits and flowers. With so many varieties of peaches that can be grown in a number of regions through the U.S., you can get fresh-picked fruit for much of the year. But summer is the peak peach picking season, and that generally means May through late September. The Peach Blossom Festival is on February 12 and 13. They offer photo opportunities in their fields.

Conner’s Corn Maze is in Nassau County. Get lost in 125 acres of corn mazes. They have a Praise in the Maze festival with live music and worship

Be sure to check out Bekemeyer Hydroponic Strawberries Winter Garden for a unique take on farming.

Miami has an entire experience with a farm tour, events, and lots of food and drinks as well as events at Visit the Berry Farm.

Florida farms host festivals all the time. Check your areas for farm festivals. One og the largest running festivals in the state is the Plant City Strawberry Festival. It runs March 3-13 with an enormous carnival, huge concerts, and more strawberries than anyone can handle.

Lakeridge Winery located in Clermont has events just about every weekend. They have grape stomping festivals, jazz festivals, art festivals, and as always, wine tasting and a gorgeous picnic area with spectacular views of 80 acres of vineyards with hybrid, and native muscadine grapes

Showcase of Citrus is a u-pick citrus farm. Tour the farm on a gigantic swamp buggy, enjoy the local foods and wines, and check out the farm animals. They also host food trucks and festivals.

Plant City – Strawberry Festival – March 3-13 http://www.flstrawberryfestival.com/ 

Canning, freezing, and preserving is a staple you should learn for the times you come to these farms and pick a little more than you can handle.

A man picking an organic orange from a tree at a fruit farm.
Photo by Pass the Honey on Unsplash

Florida Product of the Week

This week’s Featured product is Florida Outdoor Mat Company.  I met this lady at the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa.  Her mats are hand weaved, heavy-duty outdoor mats which are made from Nautical rope. It is the same rope that the Lobstermen in Maine use. The mats will not rot, mold, or mildew and last 10 – 20 years. People have used the mats for entryways into the home, at the pool, in cars, outdoor showers and they are great for camping. She is the sweetest lady.  You have to email or call her up.  She said she’s old-fashioned like that.  flmatsco@gmail.com. or 727-258-8162

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