Episode 34 – The Best Haunted Locations of Central Florida

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What’s up this week?

We are back talking about more spooky places to visit in Florida. This week, we’ll talk about Central Florida and all its haunts and ghostly residents.

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We are back talking about more spooky places to visit in Florida. We love the stories of cold spots and are always seeking out good ghost tours. This week, we’ll talk about Central Florida and all the most haunted places and ghostly residents. We will cover all the best of the strange things that make the best ghost stories. Read on and discover all the shadowy figures and mysterious voices of ghost hunters’ dreams.

I4 Dead Zone – One of the country’s most haunted highways. Thousands of drivers pass over this haunted stretch of highway unaware of the dark history that lies beneath. In the 1870s, the real estate tycoon Henry Sanford marketed the southern shore of Lake Monroe to new immigrants and potential citrus farmers and German immigrants. There was a rampant outbreak of Yellow Fever that made the development of St. Joseph’s Catholic Colony at the site. The 4 surviving families buried their dead in the woods and left the failed colony behind. The legend came about that there would be deadly consequences for anyone who tampered with the burial sites. The locals say that home of a farmer burned down after he moved a gravestone. They say that when dirt was piled on the gravesites Hurricane Donna took a turn. Disturbed those gravesites led to unexplained accidents and truck drivers’ radios losing signal.

Church Street Bumby Building – The Bumby building, more commonly known as the Haunted Church Street Bumby Building, is one of Orlando’s most haunted landmarks. Stories of ghost sightings, paranormal activity, and more abound from this building that was once used as an old church and a movie theater before becoming an abandoned building for years. These days, it’s being renovated into an apartment complex, but it may be too late to change the building’s eerie reputation.A family-run hardware store until the 1960s. This old building is now home to several businesses, including Hamburger Mary’s Restaurant – and a variety of haunts. There is a ghost story that involves a little girl dressed in period clothing from the late 1800s who plays a skipping game over the brick road. There are some accounts of the same girl that can be seen in windows, waving and smiling to people as they pass before she disappears from view. There’s a variety of stories floating around about this building. Some say it was built on an old Indian burial ground, others say that a man hanged himself there. With its creaky hallways and shuttered windows, it’s not hard to imagine that these legends are true.

Angelbilt Hotel – Once an old hotel, the current location is now modern offices that tout their own spooky happenings and paranormal occurrences. Most of the happenings have been confined to the underground tunnel that connects to the Florida Southern College campus. There are two elevators inside, one of which still works! but witnesses claim to feel demonic spirits down there, and ghosts have been seen and heard. The Angelbilt Hotel has been known for its haunted tales for decades. Some of the stories include a grandmother who died in the hotel after being trapped by her wheelchair and other say that a man can be seen roaming the halls at night with a revolver in his hand. It’s also said that there was an incident where a woman was found dead in the bathtub with no water or blood in it, and when they took her out she had scratches all over her body and blood on the wall.

Orange Hill Cemetery – Orange Hill Cemetery, located in Orlando, Florida, has been the site of many ghost stories and hauntings over the years. The cemetery was established in 1875 when citizens of Orlando feared that their community would run out of room to bury their dead. Orange Hill Cemetery served as the primary burial ground until 1911 when a new, larger cemetery called Greenwood was built on the outskirts of Orlando to house everyone buried at Orange Hill. Approximately 20,000 people were interred here during its years of operation, making it one of the largest cemeteries in the state. A vacant field now but from 1907 to 1961, was used as a potter’s field – a pauper’s cemetery – for about 500 families who couldn’t afford burial for their relatives. A burial site of 500 graves, only five plots had markers that have been dated to the early 1940s. The Lady in Black is believed to be the spirit of a woman who lost her child and was unable to cope with the loss. She will appear at night, on foot or in a car, driving erratically and looking for her child. When she finds you, she will stop and ask for directions, but if you don’t know where her child is, she’ll kill you. Orange Hill Cemetery is one of the oldest graveyards in Central Florida. It’s a creepy place with plenty of ghost stories to tell. Here are some favorite tales that have been passed down through the years. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to dance around her backyard in the moonlight. One night, as she danced she saw a man watching her with an eerie smile on his face.

Ybor City Cuban Club – Is the Ybor City Cuban Club haunted? Eyewitnesses say yes! This popular stop was built in 1917 with a ballroom, cantina, library, bowling lanes, pool, and two-story theater. There were two deaths dating back to the 1920s. You are not left without a chill in this place. With its century-old architecture, it’s no wonder the Ybor City Cuban Club is home to so many paranormal sightings and haunted experiences. But with its long history of being one of the most haunted places in Tampa Bay, this location has only recently become known to locals and tourists alike as one of the most haunted sites in Florida. From unexplained noises and ghost sightings to the discovery of human remains, there are plenty of reasons why the Ybor City Cuban Club is one of the scariest places in Tampa Bay, if not in all of the Sunshine State! The club was built in the 1920s and is rumored to be haunted. Some believe it’s due to its dark history, while others suggest that it’s because of its proximity to a nearby cemetery. There have been a number of reported ghost sightings at the club, including apparitions of women dancing in white dresses and people playing dominoes.

The History of the Florida Brewery Company Building – Meet the Drunken Cuban Ghost at the Florida Brewery Company. Locals and urban explorers who have explored the building say that they felt sick or scared once inside and that there was evidence of strange activity including phantom noises, moving objects, and even poltergeist activity such as objects being thrown by invisible hands! In 1907, a gas leak caused an explosion in the plant that killed 26 people. In 1916, a boiler explosion killed three workers and injured five others. In 1953, another gas leak killed two workers and left two others badly burned.

Historic Tampa Theater – This Florida Theatre in downtown Tampa is one of the creepiest places in our episode. Few abandoned buildings in Tampa are as well-known as the abandoned Tampa Theatre, and with good reason. The old theater has long been regarded by locals as haunted, but few know the real history behind the ruins of this historic landmark. It has seen its fair share of everything from vaudeville acts to burlesque shows to memorable rock concerts. But over the past 80 years or so, it’s become known as one of the most haunted locations in the city as well. The building now serves as offices and businesses, but many people have reported seeing apparitions of long-forgotten actors, actresses, and vaudeville performers roaming around the interior. Here are some of the spooky stories from this legendary haunt. One famous story is Robert Lanier who was a ticket collector who was found tragically right outside the ticket booth with his skull bashed in. With a long and storied history, it is no surprise that rumors abound about ghosts at the theater. However, one ghost, in particular, haunts the stage area. One story tells of a man who was stabbed to death by his wife during a performance. The wife was found guilty and executed for her crime, but she still haunts the stage area to this day.

Don Cesar Hotel – This is a historic hotel first built in the 1950s, the Don Cesar Hotel in St. Petersburg on the beach quickly developed a reputation as one of Florida’s most haunted hotels, with reports of strange happenings and ghost sightings occurring throughout the property even today. Though considered a luxury hotel, the documented ghostly occurrences have been numerous throughout the years, reported by guests and staff members alike. The Don CeSar is one of the most prestigious hotels in Florida. There are many stories about its haunted history, such as a young woman who died on her wedding night in room 205 and a young girl who drowns after falling off the pier into the ocean. There are many different things that have happened at the hotel over the years. One of them is a woman who was in her room with her dog and she heard what sounded like somebody pounding on the wall. She got up to see what it was and she saw this dark figure coming toward her. She screamed and it disappeared but then she went out into the hallway and there were these huge scratches on the wall! It seemed as if whatever had scratched them had been trying to get into her room. Ghost adventures abound in this beautiful, haunted historic location.

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