Episode 34 – The Haunted Locations of North Florida

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What’s up this week?

Here at the Florida Travel Pod, we LOVE October!  And not just for the pumpkin spice!  WE have a series of haunted episodes coming up for you!  Join us this week as we explore haunted locations in North Florida.

Who loves us?

This week’s episode is sponsored by Florida native and award-winning author Rebekah Lyn. With two series set in her home state, you can indulge in historical fiction based on the early space program or heartwarming stories in bustling Orlando. The characters are like friends you haven’t met yet, but once you do, you won’t want to let them go. You can find Rebekah’s books online at all major retailers and connect with her through her website RebekahLynBooks.com 

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Product and Locations Mentions

The Dunes on Ft Clinch
Photo by Sonya Tyler on Unsplash
  1. Pensacola Lighthouse was once the location of a dueling couplemany visitors agree that it is haunted.
  2. Fort Barrancas The spirits here are said to be Confederate soldiers who died in battle.
  3. Fort Clinch was the site of repeated Civil War skirmishes and many ghosts are said to roam the grounds.
  4. St. Augustine – One of the most legendary haunted sites in St. Augustine happens to be the 165-foot-tall St. Augustine Lighthouse.
  5. 165-foot-tall St. Augustine Lighthouse
  6. The Huguenot Cemetery – Established for victims of the Yellow Fever Epidemic, this burial ground is St. Augustine’s “Spirit Central.” One of the property’s poltergeist had his teeth stolen from the grave. 
  7. St. Francis Inn – Known for a forbidden love affair and centuries of military activity, St. Francis is populated by poltergeists.
  8. Castillo de San Marcos – There is always the possibility of encountering Osceola’s headless corpse within the walls of this old fortress.
  9. Flagler College – Henry Flagler has been known to still haunt the halls of this former Pnce de Leon Hotel.

Florida Product of the Week

This week’s Featured product is Florida Oil and Vinegar.  Located in Venice, FL. They offer the finest qualities of Olive oils, Balsamic Vinegars, Stuffed Olives, Sauces, Salsas, Sea Salts, Pestos & Olive Beauty Products. They DO have a product called Ghostly Host Sauce! Perfect for our theme this month!

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