Episode 48 – How to Plan Your Florida Vacation

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What’s up this week?

If you’re planning a trip to visit Florida, there are many things to consider when determining the best months to visit. This week, we help you to plan your Florida vacation to determine the best time of year to have a great time. Florida may be a year-round state for travel, but it definitely has peak seasons. We are the Sunshine State, but we have hurricane season and rainy season as well high humidity during hot months. You should also consider crowds and the activities you are planning to do. Take a listen as we dive into how to plan your trip to Florida.

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Product and Locations Mentions

When you visit Florida, you should plan around our seasons. Florida may be a year-round state, but we have some weather foes like hurricane season and the hot, humid months of summer. Hurricane season is officially June 1 through November 30. However, the active months are September/October which can produce tropical storm weather. Although we get frequent afternoon thunderstorms, you should not let that stop you. Weather can clear quickly down here.

Because we have great year-round weather, we also get year-round crowds. If you are planning to travel to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, or any of Florida’s theme parks, you should know the peak season is every season. The crowds during spring break in the theme parks can be the worst time to visit. Early fall is often the best time. You can check out Undercover Tourist for crowd calendar for best travel times and best deals on hotel rates, cars, and tickets.

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Florida has a vast landscape. You can feel like you’re in completely different locations by traveling to Northern Florida where during the winter months you might experience much cooler temperatures, Central Florida has warm weather for much longer, or South Florida where you can go to Key West during the summer as it is their low season. These locations can vary drastically in terrain, landscape, average temperatures, and activities. You can also plan your trip around the wildlife you might want to see in each of these locations.

Maybe you’re interested in Florida wildlife. Wildlife is a good reason to travel to Florida. Did you know birding is very popular in Florida? January through April and October through December depending on the types you are looking for. Manatee can be found starting in early spring, March through September, even if Tonya doesn’t agree! We did learn that it is true that they come in during this time. Water temperatures are best for them during these months. If it’s dolphins you’re looking for, you will find them from late spring through the end of summer is the perfect time to see them, though female dolphins from other areas visit Destin for the mating season.Floridatravelpod.com/viator for amazing dolphin experiences.

The panhandle in north Florida has miles of beaches that are some of the best in the country. If you are planning to head there in the summer months, you are hitting the peak times so you will definitely need to plan ahead.

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Planning your trip to Florida definitely means tracking the best times for tropical weather, heat and humidity, and crowd control, but don’t let those things stop you. Our weather can be fickle and change very quickly. Outdoor adventures are never off the table. One minute it might look like we are going to be washed away in a flood then, suddenly, we have clear skies and sunny days. With a little planning and preparation, whether you’re visiting Florida for the beach, a water park, a theme park, or our amazing museums and historical cities, you will find that you can plan a trip to Florida just about any time of the year.

Florida Product of the Week

Whetstone Chocolates

​​Operating from their kitchen each night, Henry and Esther first opened their small ice cream store on St. George Street in the historic business district of St. Augustine in 1966. The parlor quickly developed a reputation for serving the best ice cream in town. Today, this original store is known as Tedi’s Olde Tyme Ice Cream and remains a part of the Whetstone Chocolate experience. In the 1970s, they opened a chocolate production factory at 51 Cordova Street in St. Augustine.

Homeschool Moment of the Week

Bird watchers are called Oranthologists, birders, twitchers, and tickers.

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