Episode 74 – Natural Springs in North Florida

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What’s up this week?

Head to natural springs in North Florida. With all the springs in Florida, you will find something unique and different at each one. The natural springs in North Florida are no different. Be sure to get to springs early because they often fill to capacity.

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Product and Location Mentions

 Devils Den Prehistoric springs Williston (NW of Gainsville). Known as one of North Florida’s most prehistoric places, this mushroom-shaped underground dry cave is home to many extinct animal fossils dating back to the Pleistocene Age. Pair this with a trip to The University of Florida’s Museum of Natural History. Scuba a snorkel gear are rented here.

Fanning Springs produces 65 million gallons of water daily, making it a second-magnitude spring. A spring’s magnitude is determined by the volume of flow per unit of time. First magnitude springs are classified as the largest springs and discharge at least 64.6 million gallons of water per day or 100 cubic feet per second.

Edward Ball Wakulla Springs is notably the world’s largest and deepest freshwater spring Rimmed by ancient cypress swamps. Visit the historic 1930s Spanish style lodge with its period furniture, original elevators and colorful painted ceilings that depict wildlife and Old Florida scenes. We speak a lot of old Florida and this is an elegant remnant of old Florida, and the ancient cypress swamps made the perfect backdrop for old Hollywood movies. Tarzan’s Secret Treasure (1941) and Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) here. If you’re going to visit here, you must also say, “Hello!” to Old Joe.

Madison Blue Springs Be sure to get here early as this spring fills to capacity quickly. Cave diving is a popular activity here. About 82 feet wide and 25 feet deep, the spring bubbles up into a limestone basin along the west bank of the Withlacoochee River. Voted the No. 1 swimming hole in the country by USA Today.

Ponce de Leon Springs What makes this place unique is it is colder than the rest at 68 degrees rather than 72. The main spring is a convergence of two underground water flows and produces 14 million gallons of water daily. In the middle of the Florida Panhandle, Ponce de Leon Springs is along the upper end of a belt of shimmering springs that feed the Choctawhatchee River basin. It has a great swim area with an easy walk-in.

Rainbow Springs is one of my top favorites. Grab a tube for a lazy 2-hour ride down one of the most gorgeous rivers in Florida. The trip has so many different things to see and the crystal clear water gives you a perfect view of the bottom. Visit the swimming area with its historic walking trails to view the old theme park. There is a fantastic picnic area and a dock to sit right by the water. Bring a pool noodle because there is no walk-in here.

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Florida Product of the Week

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