Episode 69 – What to do in Panama City Beach

Emerald Beach

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Florida is so much bigger than anyone realizes. From the Florida Keys to the Florida Panhandle it is a 10-hour drive. But the terrain, the experiences, the adventures; there are endless possibilities. The Florida Panhandle touts the most famous beaches in all of the country. Dive in with us as we tell you all about what to do in Panama City Beach.

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There’s Panama City and then there’s Panama City Beach

Located on the Emerald Coast, the waters are an emerald green along the shore. The fine, highly polished quartz crystals that comprise the sand found here on the Emerald Coast originated high in the Appalachian Mountains some 350 million years ago. The journey from the mountain range to the Panhandle was much longer than that from the range to the east coast. Due to the longer trip, the crystals were further eroded and sun-bleached resulting in very fine, white sand. As for the water color, we owe that to harmless, sun reflecting micro-algae that are found in the shallow waters off of our beaches! 

Named one of the top 3 beaches in the US, there are 27-miles of soft sugar sand. 

Panama City Beach is also next to St. Andrew Bay, West Bay, North Bay, and Bunkers Cove. These are great places to do boat rentals and kayak rentals to explore a little bit of their version of an intercoastal. 

Panama City Beach does have that touristy strip that many of the beach towns have. I was there during Spring Break and it was crowded, but not the worst I’ve seen visiting the beach towns. 

I would recommend staying just outside of the town limits, with beachfront and pool access so that you have your own place to swim.

Photo by Chris Pagan on Unsplash

Near this is also the Russell Fields Pier and you can purchase a daily fishing license. Fish caught here are King Mackeral, Red Fish, flounder, and a bunch of others I’ve never heard of.

Panama City Beach is a great destination to haul in a deep-sea fishing. 

Shipwreck Diving Historic wrecks are scattered throughout the region, and include the 185-foot Black Bart, the 441-foot World War II Liberty Ship, and the 465-foot Empire Mica. Because of these and so many other artificial reefs in the area, Skin Diver Magazine dubbed Panama City Beach the “Wreck Diving Capital of the South.”

Everyone needs to take an Airboat tour.

Coconut Creek Family Fun Park has a year round maze where no corn is required. Plus a huge mini golf course.

Loads of boat rentals or kayak rentals. This is a great way to check out the area!

St. Andrews State Park Trip Advisor named St. Andrews State Park the #2 beach in the nation, but whether you’re interested in sunbathing on the beach, snorkeling along the jetties, canoeing, kayaking or hiking through the forest, there’s something for everyone here! Fishing from the pier or the jetties is popular, and a boat ramp provides access to St. Andrew Bay and the Gulf of Mexico


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