Episode 23 – Fun Things to do in Ocala Florida

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What’s up this week?

Ocala is located just north of the I75 and Florida Turnpike intersection. The question is, is it truly the horse capital of the world? You be the judge.

Who loves us?

In the time of the digital age, Amazing co is bringing people together with incredible experiences from mystery date picnics, family mystery picnics, mystery food walks, and so much more.  Eat, drink and explore your way through a city while solving clues to get to each destination.  Each experience is unique and will give you an afternoon adventure full of memories. Book your Amazing Co. adventure today.

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Product and Locations Mentions

  1. Zip the Canyons – Located in an old mining area, zip your way over massive cliffs and canyons at 155 feet high and 1,150 feet long. But don’t let the name fool you. There is more to Zip the Canyons than just zip lines!
  2. Silver Springs – What do glass bottom boats and monkeys in the jungle have in common?
  3. Movies filmed in Silver Springs – Filmmaking can be done in the woods too! Find out how Silver Springs is famous!
  4. Paddling Silver Springs
  5. Rainbow River – There are many relics of Rainbow Springs State Park’s making it a kitschy tourist attraction. The waterfalls, the rainbow fountain, the entrance walk, gift shop, dining terrace, and the remains of the aviary and animal cages all date from the 1960s, Florida’s golden age of tourism. 
  6. Ocala North – Check out the detail on this incredible, refurbished campground full of amenities.
  7. Silver Springs State Park – Get in on all the nature and outdoor activities at this Florida special.
  8. Ocala National Forest Camping – There are plenty of camping options in Ocala. Each place has its unique.
  9. Brooklyn’s Backyard – Bring the outside in and the North to the South.
  10. Pi on Broadway – From someone who doesn’t like pizza very much, I absolutely devoured theirs. Also, they have a historic building with a rooftop bar.
  11. Infinite Ale Works – There is a story, behind the link between this brewery and Pi! But you’ll have to listen find out.
  12. Sayulita Taco – A little Mexican in the north forest of Florida.
  13. The Corkscrew – Make your own wine and beer brews, bottle them, and name them!
  14. Top things to do in Ocala – You won’t regret clicking this link.

Florida Product of the Week

This week’s Featured product is Fresh Science was born out of the pandemic after spending hours upon hours at home together. Four friends banded together to create odor eliminators for stinky shoes. When you’re traveling together, especially hiking and camping, and the shoes pile up in a sweaty stinky mess, Fresh Science destroys the odors. It’s available for toilets and pets too.

Visit them at www.FreshScience.com.

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