Episode 6 – Things to Do in Orlando Beyond the Theme Parks

Icon Park in Orlando one of the many things to do in Orlando besides theme park

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What’s up this week?

How many people have been to Orlando to visit theme parks?  This week, we are exploring the gigantic world of Orlando…OUTSIDE the theme parks.  Yes!  That is a thing.  We will explore Icon Park, local theaters, outdoor areas, Winter Park and so much more!

Who loves us?

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Product and Locations Mentions

DISCLAIMER:  Check out our first BIG blunder.  And I can assure you, it will not be our last. Here is a prime reason we want you to check the show notes.  We discussed the Skeletons Museum as a key point of interest in this episode only to learn that this place has now been replaced with Museum of Illusions.  Lesson learned!  But you should definitely check this place out.  We have and it is absolutely I-Drive worthy and certainly a deserving business for replacing Skeletons. So, in honor of an Orlando great, my homage to the late Skeleton Museum.

There are a million opportunities here that I just can’t seem to leave unmentioned. They call Disney the most magical place on earth. But really, if you take a look around Orlando, its so much bigger than that. The art and culture that can be found outside the theme parks is truly magical and, dare I say, unmatched. The parks serve as a natural wonder for rejuvenating the spirit. Adventure awaits in the treetops. The theaters and entertainment venues provide culture, education, and an escape to transport you to other worlds with some of the country’s best performers. And Orlando is chock full of museums offering a vast array of artifacts, knowledge, and history.

No. Orlando is not just about theme parks. Find your way off the beaten path to the roads less traveled in the center of this amazing state of Florida.

Florida Product of the Week

This week’s Featured product is Tervis. These insulated tumblers come in lots of designs and I know a lot of people collect them as souvenirs from their travels. Did you know that Tervis has roots in Osprey Florida? When you buy a Tervis in Florida as your next souvenir, you’ll know you’re getting a true Florida made product. They also have an incredible replacement guarantee. Tervis will replace products from their classic double-walled plastic line of drinkware that they confirm to have defects in material or workmanship. Check them out at FloridaTravelPod.com/Tervis 

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