Episode 45 – Top Things to do in Sanford, FL

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What’s up this week?

Did you know that until the mid-1900s, Sanford, nicknamed “Celery City,” was the Celery Capital of the world!

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This week we are sponsored by AmazingCo. Amazing co is bringing people together with incredible experiences from mystery date picnics, family mystery picnics, mystery food walks, and so much more.  Eat, drink and explore your way through a city while solving clues to get to each destination.  Each experience is unique and will give you an afternoon adventure full of memories.  Visit floridatravelpod.com/amazing.

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Product and Locations Mentions

  1. Central Florida Zoo They have tons of Education programs, events, attractions, and botanical gardens. You will definitely want to check out the episode for all they have to offer.
  2. Hollarbachs Food • Bier • Gemütlichkeit. Need I saymore?
  3. Theater
    1. The Ritz Theater at Wayne Densch Performing Arts Built in 1923. Stories spring to life on the stages for both kids and adults at the
    2. Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center and Theater West End. Tributes, symphonies, and off-Broadway plays enrich the Sanford community. Quality productions will have you on the edge of your seat, singing along, or laughing out loud. Each theatre’s unique location and historic setting add an intimate ambiance and community spirit that’s contagious.
  4. Hiking/Biking/Water trails Riverwalk – Sanford RiverWalk, a beautiful trail situated on the shoreline of Lake Monroe. St. John’s River is  the longest in FL at 310 miles
  5. Florida Back Roads
  6. Eat and drink your way around during their incredible food and drink events throughout the historic district.
  7. Historic tours
  8. Ghost tours
  9. ​​Sanford Brewing Company, Deviant Wolfe Brewing, Wops Hops, and NOTE: We mentioned Inner Compass Brewing in this episode. It seems they are permanantly closed since the episode was recorded.
  10. Tennessee Truffle in downtown Sanford is a true original, which started as a pop up restaurant four years ago and is now serving Southern-fusion breakfast/lunch/dinner and winning awards along the way.
  11. Wondermade Cafe – marshmallows!
  12. The Old Jailhouse in Sanford – Get locked in for a great meal. The 1890s building, which started off as a livery, and served as the Seminole County Jail in the early 1900s, is now serving up fare from the American Sunbelt.  Their slogan: Kitchen & Spirits Behind Bars. The designers kept a lot of the original décor from the lock up days including barred windows, and period chandeliers.
  13. Maya’s Books and Music Transport back to a time of old book, movie, and record shopping in this historic building. Get lost in the treasures.

Florida Product of the Week

This week’s Featured product is Sanford Homebrew Shop. Discover the fresh ingredients needed for all walks of homebrewers to create their own beer at home, as well as all the equipment.  You will find a full line of grains, hops, yeast, spices, additives, finings, chemicals and more for your homebrewed adventure.

Purchase supplies for making cheese, yogurt, Kefir, mead (including local honey), and more.  Offering an array of books, they will also provide advice and try out everything we can to be best put to use by you. Shop online.

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