Episode 22 – How to Weather a Hurricane in Florida

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What’s up this week?

If you’ve ever visited Florida, you may have heard we have different seasons.  We have summer, rainy, and hurricane!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t travel during hurricane season! We load you up with the best tips for how to travel to weather a hurricane in Florida.

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Product and Locations Mentions

Hurricanes are an education all on their own. But when you’re armed with the right information, you’ll learn that

  1. Category 1. 74-95 mph
    1. Category 2. 96-110 mph
    2. Category 3. 111-130 mph
    3. Category 4. 131-155 mph
    4. Category 5. 156+ mph
    5. Winds and rain can cause flooding, power outages, down trees, debris, etc. Perhaps a common misconception is the eye of the storm and where it makes landfall. Yes, that’s the worst part of the storm, however, a hurricane can spread over a hundred miles wide. Keep an eye on that cone for severe weather.

To stay on top of notifications and hurricane updates, we recommend the following apps.

  • NOAA Weather Radar
    • National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration
  • My Hurricane Tracker
  • Your Airline’s App
  • Hotel or Attractions app
  1. Check Tourism Bureaus. Statewide tourism bureaus will also have updates regarding the storm. For example, this is from Visit Florida’s Website.

Florida Product of the Week

This week’s Featured product is Havana Beads.  These are handmade glass enamel, lampwork glass beads, and beading components to make your own creations.  She hand makes beads, copper etched pendants, earrings.  Each piece offers a truly unique look.  You must go on this page just to admire her work. 

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Join us next week to talk about Ocala, Florida.