Episode 10 – What to do in Southwest Florida

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What’s up this week?

This week is all about Southwest Florida.  And surprise!!  We have a special guest for you!!!  Meet Harmony Skillman.  She is a travel agent and travel blogger based out of Long Island. However, you can often find her jetting off to warmer places. Tonya met Harmony at a blogger-hosted stay in St. Pete, Florida.  In fact, she loves visiting Florida so much last summer, thanks to everyone working from home, she was able to spend the entire summer in the sunshine state. Most of her time she was in SW Florida, which is why we brought her on to talk about the area.   Listen in as she gives us all her best knowledge and wisdom on Southwest Florida.

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Florida Product of the Week

This week’s Featured product is Old Florida Tortilla chips. One of the best parts of Mexican restaurants is you can get the best tortilla chips because they are handmade. These remind me of some of the best Mexican tortilla chips I’ve had. Perfectly seasoned, light and yet crunchy.  I bought the lime sensation from Publix, or you can go online at https://www.oldfloridagourmetproducts.com/.

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